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Terms of Use

Welcome to our No-Nonsense Terms of Use.  It is short, in the hope that you will actually read this instead of just checking a box.

By using SooperMinds, you agree to everything below.

  1. You have entered a legal agreement with DaVinci Minds, Inc., the developer of SooperMinds.  This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas.
  2. You are age 13 or older, and not barred by law for any reason from receiving these services.
  3. The service is provided at DaVinci Minds sole discretion.  We want to keep you happy, but bottom line, we can change or stop the service at any time without warning.
  4. You will provide us true and accurate information when signing up for an account.
  5. You will use the service only for its intended purpose.
  6. We own the service.  All page content except for the Classes and Pathways themselves are © DaVinci Minds, Inc.  You won’t use the service to create a copy of all or part of its content (aka “reverse engineer” or "data export").
  7. While you own the content you enter, we have the right to use the content as it appears on our pages for the purpose of operating and marketing the service.
  8. You will not attempt to “hack” or otherwise disrupt the reliability of the service and the security of its data.
  9. We own the service, and the service is free.  You won’t try to sell all or part of the service as though it’s yours, unless we’ve already agreed you can in writing.
  10. The service is free. We are not responsible for problems, loss, damage, etc. that results from your use.
  11. You will keep your password to yourself; if you don’t, you are responsible for anyone using your account.
  12. You will not post material unrelated to the purpose of the site, which is definition of Classes and Pathways, and professional communication among participants.
  13. You will not post language that members of the public would consider to be profane, obscene, or sexual in nature.  DaVinci Minds has sole discretion over allowable content.
  14. You will report objectionable content to to
  15. As long as you abide by these terms, you have a license to use the service.  If you don’t abide by these terms, we can terminate your account, delete your data, and use our legal system to address any damage you do to our site, our company or our users.
  16. We can change these terms at anytime.  If we do, we have to notify you on our home page.


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